Dear Truck Drivers

Are you a truck driver with tax problems? Maybe you didn’t keep updated mileage and expense logs? Maybe you didn’t set anything aside for your 1099 tax debt? Or you just have questions regarding compliance . Here at Elite Tax Relief we help lots of truck drivers get in to tax compliance. Check out our video about truck driver tax issues

Tax Organizers for Everyone

Are you coming in to Elite Tax Relief to do your taxes?? If so here are some handy tax organizers that will help you get prepared and ensure that you have all necessary paperwork and information. Individual Tax Organizer Small Business Health Care Tax Credit S Corporation Tax Organizer Partnership Tax Organizer Moving Out/Expenses Organizer Mileage and Expense Log Organizer LLC Tax Organizer Sole Proprietor Tax Organizer Rental Property Income Tax Organizer Family [Read More]

Its TAX Season

Tax season is upon us once again. For some that means a huge headache and worry. Others look forward to that big refund check. Whether you need professional tax assistance for IRS problems or want to make sure you get the biggest return possible, swing on in and let us help you. Our tax professionals are here to assist!!! If you need a tax organizer for your documents to help you get [Read More]

Tax Season is almost here

It’s that time of year again folks. Tax season is upon us once again. It is time to start getting ready. Time to start getting all of your documents ready. Here at Elite Tax Relief we are gearing up to handle this hectic time of year. If you need a tax organizer sent to you, just let us know. We are more than happy to send you one via email. It has [Read More]

Fort Smith, Arkansas Tax Resolution Expert

Kenneth (Ken) Mullinax is a Fort Smith, Arkansas-based tax professional expert serving individuals and businesses throughout the United States. For six years, Ken worked for the IRS, enforcing tax laws and bringing taxpayers into filing and payment compliance. The more Ken worked with taxpayers, the more he knew his passion was not working for the IRS, but rather working for the troubled taxpayers in Arkansas and other states so they could have [Read More]

What is a Substitute for Return (SFR)?

If you haven’t filed tax returns in several years, maybe because you didn’t think you had to or maybe out of procrastination, or for a lot of folks, due to hardship, yet you are getting tax bills for some crazy amount you couldn’t possibly owe, then the IRS has filed those returns for you. This is called an SFR, Substitute for Return. The SFR lists income, calculates taxes, and adds interest and [Read More]

Fort Smith, Arkansas Tax Debt Professionals

Do you owe the IRS $15,0000 thousand dollars or more? Have you searched for help only to find it’s coming from out of state? I’m Ken Mullinax founder of I’m located in Fort Smith, Arkansas and I specialize in helping people resolve their tax problems. As a former IRS revenue officer, I know their collection tactics and can help you avoid their pitfalls. Don’t risk the IRS taking your money right [Read More]

Get Expert IRS Representation from the Get-go!

We’ve been losing sleep over a new tax resolution client’s situation. This couple owes $43,000 to the IRS. They are penniless and living in a camper trailer behind a benevolent friend’s house. He is on social security (SSA) at $830 per month. She is unemployed. They had an Arkansas business that went defunct. And when it did, they cashed out all of their retirement funds and gave it to the IRS, and [Read More]

California Tax Resolution Success Story

Even though our offices are in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we help clients throughout the United States. Recently, we helped a client in California named Chelsea. Chelsea owes the IRS a little over $8,000. She works for the government and had an automated 15% levy on her wages. With our expert tax resolution help, the IRS agreed to release the levy and put her case into non-collectable status. This means she will be [Read More]

IRS Scammers: Example of a Fake IRS Notice

There has been a lot of news about tax scams lately. These are scammers who pretend to be the IRS and call innocent individuals demanding immediate payment of their tax debt. Some even send fake IRS notices, telling people to call them as soon as possible. Here is a scan of an actual Notice of Federal Tax lien from the IRS: And here’s a notice sent by a company that attempts to [Read More]