IRS Revenue Officer Indicted For Fraud

As you may know, I am a former IRS Revenue Officer. As a Revenue Officer, I was not allowed to offer any financial services for fees, including preparing tax returns. This was very frustrating because I was one of a very small handful of Revenue Officers that was also a CPA and not being able to make money on the side using my education drove me crrazy. They would be fine with [Read More]

Taco Restaurant Owner Really Cooks the Books

Owner Rogelio Villasenor of the Tacos Michacan restaurant in Boise, Idaho, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to attempt to evade tax. He failed to report $1,176,506 of income and was sentenced to 41 months in prison, 3 years supervised release, a $20,000 fine and ordered to pay a tax assessment of $329,421 to the IRS.  But most of his unreported income was derived from illegally growing marijuana on public lands, as well as [Read More]

Prison for Under Reporting $15 Million of Income by $15 Million

Bradley T. McKouen, owner of Delta Staffing LLC in Detroit, Michigan was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 2 years supervised release and ordered to pay $319,000 in restitution. As the company was a Schedule C company, McKouen’s profits should have been filed on Schedule C of his personal returns.  In 2008, while his gross receipts were approximately $5.7 million, he reported $0 gross receipts, $0 business income, $0 taxable income and [Read More]

Prison and Fine for Exotic Dancer

Failing to report over $850,000 in income on her 2005-2008 tax returns, Veronica Fairchild of Sioux Falls, South Dakota was sentenced to 33 months in prison, ordered to pay the IRS over $214,000 in restitution and convicted of four counts of tax fraud. Fairchild claimed the unreported income she received from performing private shows as an exotic dancer was a gift.

Accounting Firm Owner Sentenced to Prison

Accountant Denise Swanson of Statesville, North Carolina gave new meaning to her company, “Bottom-Line Accounting”. Between 2006 and 2012, Swanson performed tax preparation services for her clients and businesses, which also included receiving funds from clients to make tax payments on their behalf.  Instead of paying the IRS, Swanson embezzled the money for her own personal expenses. Not only was Swanson sentenced to 24 months in prison, 3 years of supervised release [Read More]